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"Pea's-in-a-Pod" Cat Toy

"Pea's-in-a-Pod" Cat Toy

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1.Cute and playful design: It is with a cute pea shape and a green and oily color, the appearance is lifelike, as if playing in a natural forest, making the cat unable to put it down.

2.Ideal gift: It can be placed in a place where cats and small pets often play, allowing them to play and scratch, reducing their behavior of damaging indoor furniture.

3.High-quality materials: The toy ball is made of natural sisal material. The ball is wrapped with sisal rope, ensuring safe and healthy use for cats. It is wear-resistant and resistant to cat chewing, biting, and scratching, and is not easily damaged, reducing cat damage to furniture.

4.A built-in soundstone: it emits a rustling sound when shaking, colliding, touching, and shaking, attracting the cat's attention to find the source of sound, attracting the cat's interest in playing and natural hunting nature, allowing the cat to chase, bite, and capture, reducing the cat's boredom and loneliness, and releasing anxiety and depression.

5.Easy to store: It has a special storage bag with pea pod shape, which can be put into the storage bag after cats play to prevent loss.


Material: Sisal Rope+Velvet+Plastic

Color: Green

Size: 20cmx6cmx7cm/7.9 "x2.4" x2.8“

Weight: 86G

Packing List:

3PCS Sisal Rope Ball

1PCS Storage Bag

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